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Winter Solstice Warning!

Winter Solstice Warning!

Posted in HOROSCOPE ARTICLES on December 21, 2010
Provided by Sam Geppi
On December 21, 2010 we are going to have an important Lunar Eclipse. This is also the day of the Winter Solstice and just two years removed from the famous December 21, 2012, we've heard about in Mayan prophecy.

Twice a year we have Lunar Eclipse cycles. These are very significant astronomical events, occurring for just hours every year. This week's Eclipse happens just 15 hours before the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest day of the year when there is the least amount of sunlight due to the angle of how the Earth sits in space.

On this Eclipse day, you should try to stay calm and peaceful. Spiritual practice and meditation are always good for Lunar Eclipse days. I would not be surprised to see a very unusual, and perhaps destructive event take place around this time, perhaps a major assassination. Anything is possible, including positive developments as well.

The Winter Solstice is so important that major celebrations have taken place on or around it for centuries. After the solstice, the days get longer. Literally, our darkest days are behind us over the next six months. The Winter Solstice is also considered a time of rebirth because the Sun begins to rise after the darkest day.

For the last 10 years or so, these two moments of transition have taken place at almost precisely the same time. The Sun passes through the galactic plane at the exact moment it changes directions in the sky (solstices). Remarkably, on December 21, 2010, the Sun, Moon, and Earth all line up along the same axis of three-dimensional space (which only happens for several hours the entire year). Within 15 hours of the exact moment, the Earth changes directions (which only happens one exact moment per year). Also within 15 hours of the exact moment, the Sun passes through the galactic plane (which only happens on the Winter Solstice every 25,600 years).

To say this is a day of remarkable transition is an understatement. If I wanted to raise a big international incident with the "2012" community, I would swear that the real "2012" is actually December 21, 2010, because - at least astronomically - December 21, 2012 is nowhere near as compelling as this.

Eclipses happen when the orbits of the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up on the same plane of three-dimensional space. These intersecting points (called the lunar nodes) are treated just like planets in Vedic astrology. The Nodes are always there as shadows, and only make their appearance when the actual Eclipse happens.

These nodes are called the "Dragon's Head" and "Dragon's Tail" in Western astrology. Their Vedic origins are as a serpent that was cut in half by the Sun and Moon - and he is not happy about it. He chases the Sun and Moon around the Zodiac and a couple times a year manages to swallow them (when Eclipses happen).

The Sun hits these nodes twice a year. Those are the months when we have Eclipses. During the New Moon we have a Solar Eclipse (because the Moon is between the Sun and Earth). During the Full Moon we have a Lunar Eclipse (because the Earth is between the Sun and Moon). There can be increased seismic activity on or around Full Moons, including Eclipses. This is because the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth, exerting high levels of gravity but in opposite directions.

Beyond seismic activity, the Full Moon is well known as making us a bit "loony," as we are very full of emotion at that time. When the Full Moon is eclipsed, it is thought that a serpent has temporarily swallowed our mind. We must be careful of toxic thoughts. There is also enormous potential for transformation at these times if we are still and contemplative.

People often expect astrologers to make specific predictions about world events. There is no need to make predictions about these concentrated moments in time. It is obvious that we are in the midst of huge changes and transitions.


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